“The water crisis is the #1 global risk based on impact to society (as a measure of devastation).”

– 2015 World Economic Forum


Since 2004, 1001fontaines has been working in Cambodia to allow isolated rural populations to obtain access to clean drinking water through social enterprise. The three pillars of the model are water quality, accessibility (including affordability for beneficiaries) and sustainability.

Small water kiosks are set up and entrusted to local entrepreneurs, hired and trained by in-country partners. Water is produced locally using a low-cost technology (UV treatment and solar energy). It is then bottled and sold at an affordable price to villagers. The water bottles are delivered at home to guarantee quality to the end-users and save valuable time for women and children generally in charge of water collection. Currently, 170 water kiosks work in Cambodia, creating some 500 sustainable jobs and 400,000 beneficiaries.



Water in Schools:

Beyond entrepreneurship, 1001fontaines ensure that the entrepreneurs deliver free water in schools. Thanks to this ‘Water in School’ programme, more than 100,000 children receive safe drinking water every school day.

Despite 1001 Fontaines’ success in giving locals access to clean drinking water, due to lack of education about the importance of drinking clean water, children continue to drink unfiltered or improperly boiled swamp water while at school.

In December 2015, Baume & Mercier became a strategic partner to develop and strengthen the ‘Water in School’ program. In addition to funds, we donate our creative, marketing, communications and sales strengths, in partnership with the College Champittet private school in Switzerland, to develop teaching materials, organise promotional events and fund the water given for free to the schools with 1001 Fontaines. In the schools where water has already been made available, absenteeism was reduced by over 50%.

In February 2016, a working group went to Cambodia to better understand local culture. This trip was fully funded by Air Miles donated by the CEO and CFO. Beyond financial support, this partnership is really the expression of a profound and philanthropic commitment among Baume & Mercier directors and employees.

Richemont Case Study on the Subject:


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