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RIVIERA: You don’t need a passport to see the Riviera.

2021 saw the grand return of the Riviera watch with its famous dodecagonal case… 12 corners like the 12 months that are coming to a close, bringing us ever closer to what Baume & Mercier now wants to embody through its timepieces: creative, elegant watchmaking with character… Here, without softening the edges!

Riviera 10612

Quartz Watch, Date Display - 36 mm
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Riviera 10675

Automatic Watch, Date Display - 33mm
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BAUME: A different take on the concept of time. By Baume.

Amidst the natural, offbeat materials are attributes such as a handcrafted decoration or small functions to evoke Baume & Mercier’s watchmaking roots. Here, it is not a question of dwelling on traditions but rather of making things happen and moving with the times in a different way.

Baume 10638

Quartz Watch, Moon Phase - 35mm
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Baume 10602

Quartz Watch, Date Display - 35 mm
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CLASSIMA: The ultimate elegance is discretion. Classima, simply self-evident.

Classima is the round, classic watch with perfect proportions, always pleasant to wear: timeless, ageless, never insolent. The watch that Baume & Mercier never ceases to reinterpret with modernity and style, making light of the materials, from the most traditional to the most innovative.

Classima 10633

Automatic Watch, Moon Phase, Diamond-Set - 34 mm
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Classima 10546

Automatic Watch, Date, Diamond-Set - 31 mm
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HAMPTON: For when it feels like everybody else is going around in circles.

Between creativity and elegance, the Hampton collection made its great comeback two years ago. With its rectangular case, which was considered unconventional and avant-garde when launched, it continues to symbolize renewal and hope in tribute to the Art Deco movement.

Hampton 10472

Quartz Watch - 35 x 22 mm
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Hampton 10630

Quartz Watch - 35 x 22 mm
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