The BAUME brand joins BAUME & MERCIER

After 2 years of a thrilled journey towards design, personalization and environmental friendliness, BAUME joins BAUME & MERCIER to reinvent its future and create a new outlook together.

BAUME will join BAUME & MERCIER in a natural way, thus beginning a new chapter for our House.

David Chaumet, CEO of BAUME & MERCIER

"This development will make it possible to introduce a new dynamic, pairing the recognized expertise of the House with BAUME’s totally new approach combining unique design, digital innovation, and watchmaking expertise, and integrating the principles of reclaiming, reusing, and circular economics."



Baume & Mercier is excited to welcome BAUME to its portfolio as a dedicated collection celebrating its distinct aesthetic and eco-responsible philosophy. A pioneer in mindful design, digital innovation, personalization and respect for the environment in the watchmaking world, BAUME will infuse the savoir-faire of our Maison with its forward-looking spirit and serve as a laboratory for innovative ideas. 

They will be produced at the Swiss BAUME & MERCIER project management workshops located in Les Brenêts in the Swiss Jura. These watches will symbolize the social responsibility commitments made by the House, which has been advocating innovation and design with respect for watchmaking traditions since it was founded in 1830.

Baume & Mercier looks forward to this new chapter in our Maison’s evolution which will be marked by new dynamism that carefully blends tradition and modernity, elegance and originality, and environmental responsibility. 

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