Clifton Baumatic

Engaged in a constant quest for quality, Baume & Mercier introduces its first in-house mechanical self-winding calibre

The Baumatic™ BM12-1975A, pushing back the existing limits of efficiency and reliability. The advent of the Baumatic™ movement represents first combined introduction of a silicon balance-spring and a high-performance escapement. Antimagnetic, three times lighter than the ordinary alloys used for hairspring, resistant to corrosion and less sensitive to small impacts and repeated vibrations, silicon enables spectacular progress in terms of horological innovation. Despite its intrinsic qualities, a watch is impacted by a number of inherent and external factors that can inconvenience its user.

High-performance 120-hour power reserve. 3x the power reserve of a standard watch.

The power reserve of a standard watch movement ranges from 40 to 70 hours when it is fully wound. So if the owner removes the watch on a Friday evening, it will have stopped or lost precision when picked up again on Monday morning.

The Clifton Baumatic watch offers the user more comfort, allowing for it to be taken off and worn again after a long weekend or a week, worry-free.The power reserve of a standard watch movement ranges from 40 to 70 hours when it is fully wound.

The new high-performance escapement equipped with POWERSCAPE™ technology comprises an anchor and escape wheel in silicon, featuring a thoroughly optimized geometry. Its new design based on complex shapes serves to:

• Improve torque transmission between the components

• Drastically reduce losses relating to friction = increase efficiency 

• Thus ensure 30% higher autonomy 



Stable rate throughout the power reserve.

Mechanical watches are not always very accurate, and are even less so when their power reserve runs low.

A standard watch requires regular time setting, given its daily variation in rate of around 10 to 30 seconds per day.

The Clifton Baumatic watch offers the user enhanced accuracy performance, ensuring that it will always be on time.

The new hairspring is endowed with the TWINSPIR™ technology: a composite structure, combining two cores of silicon, alternately set at a 45° angle and bound by a silicon dioxide layer that also plays a role in ensuring thermocompensation.

Combined with a newly shaped variable-inertia balance wheel, it delivers the following benefits:

• Improved accuracy of the movement in various positions and over the long term 

• Reduced sensitivity to magnetism 

• Greater resistance to small impacts and repeated vibrations 


The watch is resistant to at least 1’500 gauss without residual effect.

25x higher than the current ISO 164 (NIHS 90.10) norm.

Numerous objects of our everyday life emit magnetic fields liable to disturb the smooth running of a mechanical watch. The two most frequent symptoms are a movement that has stopped or a loss of precision.

The Clifton Baumatic watch offers the user significant improvements thanks to the reduction of the flaws due to the magnetization of certain components.

Thanks to the use of silicon and non-ferromagnetic elements for the two particularly sensitive parts of the movement, the regulating organ (including the hairspring) and the escapement system.


A watch movement is a complex mechanism comprising numerous mobile miniature components. Their perpetual interaction results in friction and wear disturbing the smooth running of the movement. This one of the reasons why watches are returned for service.

The Clifton Baumatic watch offers the user considerably longer intervals between services, thus limiting those “watchless” moments.

Through fine understanding of wear conditions, intense laboratory investigation and modeling, lubricant formulations have been adjusted to fulfill their long lasting mission under severe strains.

Each key function is being thoroughly tested with new procedures and test benches developed specifically to account for strains that our watches encounter. These stress tests not only include thousands of repetitive cycles to simulate more than 10 years of intense use, but also newer tests reflecting more accurately today’s activities and lifestyles.