classima lady sihh

Baume & Mercier reveals new women’s watches in the Classima Lady collection

Baume & Mercier is unveiling new Classima Lady steel watches at SIHH 2019. With new dials and sizes, and with quartz and automatic movements, the collection has been designed to offer every woman her ideal timepiece. Two jewelled models with mother-of-pearl dial and diamond-set case are now being added to enhance the collection.


The Maison Baume & Mercier has always had a special place in women’s hearts.

It all began in 1869 when Louis-Victor Baume gave his daughter Mélina a gold fob watch decorated with floral motifs. This was a very unusual and forward-thinking gift for those times, when women’s watches were rare and did not particularly differ from those designed for men. In the early 20th century, fob watches began to make way for wristwatches, while jewellers began creating watches for women that resembled pieces of jewellery. The Maison Baume & Mercier, which has always been at the forefront of trends, brought out smaller wristwatches and more unusual designs, such as the iconic “baignoire” or oval shape. In the mid-1940s, women’s watches became slimmer, and Baume & Mercier unveiled the Marquise, a timepiece with a slender rectangular case mounted on a cuff bracelet. The Marquise remained one of the watchmaker’s best-sellers until the early 1960s. The Classima collection is inspired by a watch from 1965, which is kept in the Baume & Mercier archives. This collection represents 189 years of Swiss watchmaking tradition, as well as Baume & Mercier’s heritage of timepieces for women. With the Classima Lady, Baume & Mercier enables every woman to express herself by choosing the watch that reflects her personality.