How do you operate a Flyback function and what is it used for?

The flyback function enables multiple times to be measured in quick succession without having to reset it manually with another pusher: to take a new measurement, a normal chronograph requires to stop, reset and restart by pressing push-buttons, when the flyback reduces this down to only one action.

What is a Tachymeter ?

A Tachymeter is a scale used to measure average speed in km/h based on the time needed to travel 1000 m. For example, to measure your average speed while driving, start the chronograph at a roadside mile marker, then stop it exactly 1 km farther on (next mile marker). The seconds-hand uses the tachymeter scale to indicate your average speed in km/h for the kilometer you just traveled.

What is a Telemeter?

A Telemeter is a scale used to measure the distance separating an observer from a phenomenon which is first visible and then audible. Its graduation is based on the speed of sound (343 m/s). For example, to determine a storm’s distance from the wearer, start the chronograph at the first appearance of lightning; then stop it when the thunder can be heard. Look at the dial of your watch, the seconds-hand uses the “telemetric scale” to indicate the distance separating you from the place where the lightning occurred.

What is a Worldtimer ?

Worldtimer watches, also called “ World Time” or “Universal Time”, indicate, in addition to local time, the time of the 24 time zones around the world via a 24-hour disk to index to the 24 cities indicated on the dial. This makes it possible to identify the 24 zones in which cities are found. At any time, you can check the time in 24 major cities (representing each time zone) while viewing the time of the city where you live or are traveling.

What is a Dual Time function?

A watch equipped with a dual time complication is able to indicate a “2nd time zone”. This second time can be read on a central hand or a hand located in a counter graduated from 1 to 24. In practice, the main hour hand is typically set to the local time of where one is during one’s travels, and the time of the second time zone specifies the time where one lives, for example.

What is a Moon Phase function?

Watches with a moon phase complication display the cycles of the moon on their specific dial. Moon phases are generally displayed using a moving disk which makes one rotation every lunar month (29 1/2 days).



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