Baume & Mercier celebrates


Chapter 1


Baume & Mercier tells the story of the forward-thinking Baume family, whose adventure began in 1830 in the Swiss Jura. They were passionate about creating intricate and high-quality watches, and their trailblazing attitude took them abroad where they left a lasting impact on the watchmaking industry. The history of Baume & Mercier is a story of pairs. After establishing themselves in the Swiss Jura, the second generation of Baume brothers settled in London to continue the business. Expanding from Geneva to London, India to Australia, the Baume name began building an international reputation as watchmaking innovators. In 1918, two modern founders, William Baume and Paul Mercier, joined forces to achieve the perfect balance between technical precision and contemporary aesthetics. This partnership established Baume & Mercier's commitment to excellence, quality, beauty, and innovative design, which remains strong today.

Chapter 2


William Baume, a pragmatic man with a down-to-earth attitude and a deep commitment to watchmaking heritage, quality and innovation. He inherited the Baume family legacy and founded Baume & Mercier in Geneva with Paul Mercier in 1918. William's technical skills earned the company the prestigious Geneva Seal in 1919, the pinnacle of Swiss watchmaking. Under his leadership, Baume & Mercier evolved from its traditional roots into a modern watchmaking company. William Baume's philosophy was to create timepieces that would endure for generations, with a commitment to quality, reliability and excellence. Today, we continue William's philosophy. From our Les Brenets Manufacture in the Swiss Jura, our dedicated teams bring the utmost care to every step of the creation process, ensuring that luxury quality is accessible to all. Every day, wearing a Baume & Mercier is a celebration of the joy that comes from quality and craftsmanship.

Chapter 3


Inspired by the principles of the Maison established by William Baume, the Baumatic calibre is a story of passion and the pursuit of excellence, and has become the pinnacle of our approach to watchmaking excellence. With a 5-day power reserve, resistance to daily magnetic fields, impeccable chronometric precision and lifelong durability, the Baumatic calibre represents our legacy of innovation and quality. In this world of watchmaking possibilities, you can choose your ideal companion from our Baumatic collection. From the elegantly simple to the exquisitely complex, it offers automatic and COSC-certified versions, captivating day-date moon phases and the prestigious perpetual calendar, all of which encapsulate the very essence of Baume & Mercier watchmaking. But that's not all; it's also about our commitment to your satisfaction. That's why we're extending our warranty to 8 years, giving you 95 months of peace of mind and 2922 days to enjoy the exceptional quality and enduring performance of our all-road Baumatic movement.

Chapter 4


Paul Mercier, a man with a unique sense of beauty and a pioneering vision of modern watchmaking. Born Paul Tchereditchenko, who took his mother's name when he became a naturalised Swiss citizen, he grew up in Russia and France and began his career in Paris and London. Around 1910 he moved to Geneva, where he met William Baume in 1912. This meeting led to their partnership and the creation of Baume & Mercier in 1918. Paul Mercier's background in jewellery and his artistic circles brought a strong emphasis on styling and design to the company. For Paul, lightness and distinctiveness were as important as expertise and quality. Three distinctive and iconic designs were born from Paul's passion for design and his desire to challenge the traditional round shape with new watch shapes - rectangular, oval, cushion and more. Today, we follow the same passion for shapes, love of form and dedication to creativity, paying tribute to Paul's legacy. Marquise, Catwalk, Shogun, Stardust, Tronosonic, Classima, Hampton, Clifton, Riviera and many more. These names stand for timepieces that have left an indelible mark on the history of watchmaking and are the legacy of Paul Mercie's vision to create timepieces with exceptional shapes, not just round. They are synonymous with design distinctiveness and the highest quality, and embody the essence of Baume & Mercier's unique style.

Chapter 5


Following the creative vision initiated by Paul and William in 1920, the Maison is day-to-day expressing its passion for shapes. A hallmark of Baume & Mercier. Today, we proudly translate this commitent to design in all our collections. From dodecagon to rectangle to round, the Maison is one of the rare Maisons to have this expertise in shaped timepieces. The dodecagon, celebrated in our timeless Riviera collection since 1973, evokes the essence of sport-chic design and embodies carefree elegance for everyday life. Our round shape is the pinnacle of traditionnal watchmaking where elegance meets the highest quality. With its gradient dials cater to all tastes and vintage lines, the unique Clifton Baumatic express our vision of timeless round design and watchmaking heritage. Iconic form of rectangular style, the Hampton is by essence the ultimate shape timepeice. With its art deco influence and pure lines, it has graced the wrists of ladies since 1996 and promises to continue its legacy for years to come.

Chapter 6


For more than five decades, the Riviera collection, created in 1973, has been our emblem, deeply inspired by the refinement and captivating landscapes of the French Riviera. The unique luminosity and tranquil ambience of the Riviera have been the driving force behind the revival of our Riviera collection. More than a territory, it's a lifestyle and a philosophy of life. Riviera timepieces embody our unwavering commitment to creating timepieces that transcend time itself, embodying the elegance, refinement and exceptional way of life that is inherent in the spirit of the Riviera. With each Riviera we create, we invite you to immerse yourself in an ocean of refinement, where the essence of the sea meets the art of watchmaking. You don't need a passport to see the Riviera.

Chapter 7


Created in 1973, the Riviera collection is a genuine design by Jean-Claude Gueit, an unexpected yet popular dodecagonal shape that expresses the innovative spirit of Baume & Mercier. With its 12 sides, this distinctive case attracts attention and exudes a captivating visual appeal. It's a design that has spanned generations through five different versions, evolving with the times while remaining watchmaking and beloved. The Riviera collection was designed by Jean-Claude Gueit, a contemporary of Gérald Genta. Jean-Claude Gueit created a different, unique, new type of watch. He called himself a "watch stylist" rather than a designer. This statement makes sense. The Riviera is his creation. Like a clear, bright line, the intricate design of its bezel connects each hour segment to the others, creating an almost natural visual sense of perfection. For over 50 years, the Riviera collection has paid homage to the charm and sophistication of the French Riviera, embodying elegance and style through iconic design and exquisite craftsmanship. Each timepiece reflects the timeless beauty and adventurous spirit of this enchanting coastal region.

Chapter 8


The Riviera collection is all about embracing style, elegance, and self-confidence. Inspired by the carefree lifestyle of the French Riviera, this is the timepiece of casual elegance, symbolizing an easygoing view of refined watchmaking. It was first developed in 1973 and has adapted to every era, year after year, while staying true to its special style.From everyday wear to special occasions, these timepieces are designed to accompany you. In 2023, Baume & Mercier introduces a 39mm Riviera Baumatic, offering the iconic design and watchmaking excellence with a blue, black and sandblasted titanium timepieces. Additionally, our new 33mm Riviera for women blends silver and gold tones, inspired by the unique light of the French Riviera, or boasts a striking purple or blue dial for those who want to stand out in any situation.

Chapter 9


Launched in 1973, the Riviera collection is all about timeless appeal. It embodies sport-chic design, carefree living and everyday confidence. It moves effortlessly from casual to chic, making it the perfect companion for your adventures. To celebrate this legacy, in 2023 we introduce the new Riviera Azur, a direct descendant of the 1981 Riviera Diver. This 42mm masterpiece features a Baumatic Manufacture movement, a stunning stainless steel unidirectional bezel with a blue anodised aluminium ring and specially shaped hands. The integrated blue rubber strap completes this ocean-ready ensemble. But the Riviera isn't just a watch; it can also be your precision chronograph partner, a testament to your determination. With three counters and a sandblasted titanium bezel, it's built to measure every second and conquer new horizons. Speed becomes your ally, and the Riviera is your statement of unwavering drive.

Chapter 10


In 2023, it's all about taking the iconic Riviera to new heights. We are infusing this beloved collection with more watchmaking attributes and aligning it with contemporary sportsmanship. This journey culminates in the Riviera Perpetual Calendar, the pinnacle of watchmaking. Combining the expertise of Baume & Mercier with the design essence of the Riviera, this high-class masterpiece offers a perpetual calendar with precise tracking of the time, date, day, month and phases of the moon. With the Riviera 10742, you don't just wear a watch, you wear a masterpiece of precision and craftsmanship. It's a testament to our commitment to horological mastery and the fusion of precision and artistry.

Chapter 11


Our partnerships are the heartbeat of our craftsmanship, weaving our timepieces into masterpieces. More than collaborations, they are the essence of our heritage. Together with artisans and visionaries, we bring Baume & Mercier to life, one partnership at a time. Baume & Mercier is about combining creativity and craftsmanship to create exceptional timepieces. Whether it's a partnership with skateboarding champion Aurélien Giraud or a collaboration with master artists such as Pierre Soulages, these creative crossroads fuel innovation and allow us not only to create timepieces, but also to redefine the watchmaking tradition.

Chapter 12


Following William and Paul's vision of watchmaking, we look to the future of horology, where imagination will shape the timepieces of tomorrow and tradition will be combined with innovation. We envision every tick of our timepieces embodying timelessness, bridging generations and setting new standards of beauty, quality and reliability. Today and tomorrow, all our timepieces tell the story of our unwavering commitment to creating the horological classics of tomorrow.



At the beginning


Roaring Eighties


Time of complications


Sporty Twenties


Turning Fifty


Launched in 1973, the Riviera features metal bracelet with flat links and electronic tuning fork movement ESA 6192 with window date for an avant-garde-minded clientele. The Riviera signature is not yet visible on the dial. In 1975, the Riviera expanded with large, medium and small models in steel, steel/gold or solid gold featuring automatic and quartz movements. 


In 1979, Riviera comes with flatter quartz movements and thus thinner case. From then on, the name of the collection “Riviera” is written on the dial.  At this time, Baume & Mercier followed the trend towards smaller wristwatches. From 1981, it became a diving watch and showed the time in any zone of the world. It also added a feminine version and for the first time used gold as well as steel, with a two-tone intermediate version.


In 1985, Baume & Mercier launched a third generation of the Riviera model. The bezel became smoother and less angular. With polished and brushed surfaces, the case and herringbone bracelet were also more rounded. Technically it reached a new level of sophistication and reliability with a miniaturized screw-in crown, improving water resistance. It was equipped with the new, extra-thin quartz movements and a more visible date. 

A large steel model with leather strap rounded out the Riviera line. Baume & Mercier also returned to mechanics as part of the mechanical renaissance. From then on, the large models in the bicolor and steel/steel versions were again available with automatic movements.  

As before, it came in four sizes and in gold in steel or in both metals. In 1987, it came out with a full calendar showing the dates, days, months and phases of the moon. For its 20th anniversary in 1993, it appeared as a chronograph.


We had to wait until 2004 to discover the fourth generation. Baume & Mercier icon dropped its evening wear and donned a sports suit with its 4-screw design. 

Finally, in 2007, the Baume & Mercier Design Studio created an even more racy look with the Riviera MAGNUM, a collection that was definitely ready for action. Part of the MAGNUM Collection, Baume & Mercier is enriching its Riviera MAGNUM sports collection with two new large-scale models: an all-black chronograph with flyback function and transparent dial in a limited edition, and an athletic three-hand and date model, both in a new XXL size of 45 mm in diameter (compared to 43 mm for the previous versions).


Created in 1973, the Riviera watch returns this year to revive the spirit of a distinguished watchmaking era. Here it is in 2021, still authentic: a poised sized steel case, a dodecagonal bezel equipped with four screws, a “Swiss Made" self-winding calibre , and a built-in interchangeable steel bracelet. The original design is still there, but so is the desire to adapt to our times.

THE RIVIERA DESIGN CODES After the technical novelty of the Tronosonic in 1971, Baume & Mercier launched a stylistic bombshell in 1973. The Riviera’s distinctive design, which made it the brand’s flagship model for the next 25 years, was sensational on two accounts. Firstly, the 12-sided shape of the case and the bezel had never been seen before. Secondly the avant-garde design of the watch attracted a new type of customer looking for a novel way of expressing action with elegance. At a time when dress watches were always in gold, Baume & Mercier went for steel in a smart but sturdy style for a watch that could be worn in town and for weekend sports. It was given an internationally recognized name evocative of sophisticated leisure on the French Riviera.



Driven by the prestigious Baumatic manufacture calibre, the Riviera 10716 is the all-road Swiss timepiece by excellence. Its transparent smokey blue sapphire dial, its unidirectional rotating bezel and its blue anodized aluminum ring complete the sporty look of this "Swiss-Made" timepiece. The ideal watch for water sports.


The new Riviera Azur 300m is water-resistant to 30 ATM – 300 meters, or 984 ft – and is available in two versions to become your elegant sports companion of the summer. Its look is forthright, assertive, and impactful. In order to calculate diving times, the two new models – M0A10716 and M0A10717 – are suitably topped with a unidirectional rotating bezel in polished and sun-satin stainless steel. The bezel features a design like none other with a (blue or black) lacquered treatment that marks the gradation of the first fifteen minutes. Whether for swimming, jet-skiing, sailing, snorkeling or surfing, the Riviera is ready for offshore adventure. This is the ideal watch for water sports, a companion in every leisure activity. Another detail that makes all the difference is that the bezel is equipped with a blue or black anodized aluminum ring to guarantee optimal use and precise handling. Its luminescent indexes are coated in SuperLuminova to increase their visibility underwater.


Polished and satin-finished stainless steel case with crown’s protection.


White lacquered numerals, triangle and dots coated with beige Superluminova (blue emission) and enhanced with white lacquered


Sun satin-finished and polished stainless steel unirotating bezel, blue anodized aluminum ring with notches



Driven by the prestigious Baumatic manufacture calibre, the Riviera 10720 is the all-road Swiss timepiece by excellence. Its transparent smokey grey sapphire dial, steel case, sandblasted titanium bezel and gilded steel ring brings boldness to this timepiece, and complete his sporty look.

For its 50th anniversary, the Riviera is back once again in 2023 with three unprecedented 39-mm versions. Each one features that distinctive dodecagonal shape with twelve sides and four screws. Each continues to convey a perennially fashionable sport-chic allure. Each one is powered by the Baumatic manufacture movement, which has demonstrated its performance since it was launched in 2017, and which may be admired through the smoked sapphire dial so symbolic of the Riviera Baumatic. The original design is still there, but the desire to adapt to our times is clear. As the latest additions to the Riviera collection, these three new 39-mm variations carry the evocative power of the original 1973 model in their DNA.


Sandblasted titanium bezel equipped with 4 sandblasted steel screws.



Integrated grey rubber with canvas decor Fast strap interchangeability system.


5N gilded PVD steel ring in the middle of the case.



Equipped with a Valjoux automatic movement, this Riviera features a sun satin-finished slate-grey dial and a gray rubber strap with canvas decoration. Featuring a sandblasted titanium bezel enlighted by a PVD gold ring, this timepiece is perfectly in keeping with the Maison's chronograph tradition.

With its 43 mm-diameter steel case and dodecagonal bezel in bead-blasted titanium, secured by four bead-blasted steel screws, this timepiece with a strong character sets the tone from the very first glance: passion for action. A chronograph with a powerful design that respects tradition and rewrites the future. The original design is there, as is the desire to adapt to the times. The latest addition to the Riviera collection, this 100-meter water-resistant chronograph is powered by a high-quality Swiss Made self-winding mechanical movement and displays the day and date in two horizontal windows at 3 o'clock. Emblematic of sport-chic, this watch offers the evocative power of the original 70s models by revisiting their DNA. It has the form, the spirit and the function


Sun satin-finished slate-grey dial with grey flange and snailed counters.


Sandblasted titanium bezel equipped with 4 sandblasted steel screws.


Black line on crown and push button at 4 o’clock.


White decals coated with white Superluminova (blue emission).


Day and date aperture at 3 o’clock.



Driven by the prestigious Baumatic manufacture calibre, this Riviera Perpetual Calendar combines watchmaking precision with sporty elegance. Its distinctive design is underlined by its steel case with neat architectural lines, its gilded dial with vertical sun-brushed finishes and snailed counters in perfect harmony with its gilded oscillating weight and its watchmaking attributes. This model is fitted with an integrated three-row interchangeable stainless steel bracelet reworked with decorative bevels on the central link.

The new Riviera Baumatic Perpetual Calendar represents the quintessence of sport-chic watchmaking, proving that haute-horlogerie can go hand in hand with style and casualness. This Riviera, limited to 50 pieces, echoes the historic 1985 model featuring a full calendar, but looks resolutely to the future: in a 40 mm steel case and just 11.8 mm thick, the new Riviera Baumatic perpetual calendar is equipped with a Baumatic manufacture movement with a five-day power reserve and the finest watchmaking finishing. The pure lines of its twelve-sided bezel, its scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on both sides, and the harmonious design of its dial with its vintage accents create an immediate link between yesterday and today, to better prepare for the future. As a final touch of refinement and exclusivity, each timepiece bears a special "Limited Edition" numbered engraving. This timepiece reflects the Maison's modern and legitimate vision of watchmaking expertise.


Open-worked rhodium-plated H/M hands and blued steel seconds hand with Phi logo on the counterweight.


Gilded vertical sun-brushed dial and snailed counters.


Gilded open-worked oscillating weight adorned with "Côtes de Genève" and snailed decors.


Sapphire dodecagonal case back with special engraving “Limited Edition xx/50”.



Driven by a “Swiss Made" automatic movement, this Riviera is adorned with a gilded dial, gilded ring in the middle of the diamond set case, and mounted on a metal bracelet giving a lightful look to this timepiece. Recommended for assertive personnalities.

In 2023, Baume & Mercier unveiled the new leading model of the collection: the Riviera M0A10730, a true halo of light. The warmth of its sun-satin gilded dial, its transparent transfer waves, and its sunny radiance bring sculptural shape to the Roman numerals, the riveted indexes coated in Superluminova (C1, blue glow), and the faceted gilded hands that indicate the hours, minutes and seconds. The date appears in a discreet aperture at 3 o’clock. The elegance of this timepiece, which is fascinating both by day and by night, is exalted by four brilliant-cut diamonds (Top Wesselton, VS quality, 0.05 ct) which are set into the polished stainless-steel bezel and sun-satin dodecagonal case.


Sun satin-finished and polished stainless steel bezel set with 4 diamonds (Brilliant-cut, Top Wesselton, VS quality, 0.05 ct).


5N gilded PVD steel ring in the middle of the case.


Sun satin-finished gilded and transparent waves decor.