Baume & Mercier watches - Services and Prices

Your Baume & Mercier watch is a high-precision instrument working continuously 24 hours a day, that needs regular maintenance for maximum reliability and long working life.

Since your satisfaction is our priority, Baume & Mercier commits to accompany you throughout your life by offering you the best service through our worldwide service network. Our certified watchmakers, regularly trained by the Baume & Mercier and benefitting from specific tools and original components are able to service any Baume & Mercier watch, Contemporary as Vintage models, permitting to maintain its value over time.

Please look at the sections below for more information regarding the content of our services and prices.


Price List

Prices and leadtimes depend on the type of service, the type of movement and the age category of the watch:

Stolen or lost watch

Baume & Mercier is partnering with Enquirus to tackle watch and jewellery crime. Enquirus offers a digital vault to secure your valuables, a simple-to-use stolen report system, and a search feature to investigate a purchase on the pre-owned market. Designed in partnership with watch and jewellery manufacturers, as well as global law enforcement agencies and insurance companies, Enquirus allows owners to register, report and search free of charge. This makes watches and jewellery easier to track and be returned to their rightful owner.

Register today to ensure your collection is safeguarded in a secure vault that can be accessed wherever you are in the world. 

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